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01 October 2005 @ 03:51 am
I just saw the best damn movie in the world i cant wait for it to come out on DVD or whatever so i can watch it everyday FF7 advent children was in short greatness!
01 September 2005 @ 11:50 pm
Baby i just want u to know that i love u i know we haave r problems but i want to be with u no matter what
Current Mood: lovedloved
01 September 2005 @ 02:53 pm
Well hello men and woman boys and girls i like to start this post with STAY THE FUCK OFF MY AIM well whoever reads that u know who u are wont say any names cuz i know how that person gets if i make them out to be a ummmmmm whats the word im looking for folks o yes noisy theres other words but i wont go into that right now. Id like to say for all those people who know me im not that bad of a person yes i lie but who doesnt im not saying that when i lie its great and i feel good about it or its to make u feel better its not so yes in a way i am a bad person if anyone doesnt belive me go talk with natalie she can tell u how i really am to this date i still think if not the one then one of the people to knows me the best . Yes i am a horrible boyfriend and a friend to people and if i have hurt anyone i am truely sorry for the past couple days i have been told im a horriable person not even a man which is fine call me what u will at this point i really dont give a damn and if u have a problem with me say something im tired of people talkin shit so stand up and say something all i hear is so and so said this about u is it true im tired of that so say what u will thats fine but know this i care for everyone i know and if u dont think i do then i am truly sorry
19 August 2005 @ 05:16 pm
i just want to say this MAN FUCK LOVE it just doesnt seem to work for me
19 August 2005 @ 01:38 pm
i dont really know waht to say im not really good with word on the internet i rather be face to face with someone and tell them how i feel but im madly in love with u and that i got a surprise when i see u next time ^^
17 August 2005 @ 11:49 am
About 50 min ago i got a call from an old friend Cristian Banks some of u know her and some dont but we talked about 30min about how each of us were going and it was really cool like i havent talked to her in about 3 years now and im glad shes doing good and everythin is going good with her. i didnt think i would ever hear from her or get a wake up call from her so its really cool. in other news man im tired i think i need to go back to sleep well talk to u guys lata
01 August 2005 @ 08:30 pm
I had to do something with this damn thing its been like that for like 3 years or so im glad i changed im goin to be more interactive with this Lj i hope
starting things off im about to get a new computer here in about 2 weeks when i get my pay check its cool to be cool its mostly goin to be for gamin and i will keep this one for internet and aim stuff so i got to get a new stand and everythin. please someone tell me if there is somethin wrong i have 2 tv one for tv shows and the other for video games,i have all three systems ps2,xbox,and cube,soon i will have two computers one for gaming and the other for internet stuff man im a sad sad man lol ^^ dont give a damn
25 July 2005 @ 09:59 am
In two more hours my best comes home for 2 weeks from over seas im fuckin cant wait to hang out with him and shoot the shit this guy is my drinkin buddy i mean this guy is fuckin great i know when i first see him we will fist fight to see how stong he got its great well thats all for now
14 July 2005 @ 03:51 pm
Falling from the sky i see a burnin bright light and i watch it for and i think of u and how much u mean to me i think of all the great times we had and how much we laugh and have a good time i keep lookin in the sky and watch the moon and see how bright it is it reminds me that u will always be there for me and take care of me it really means alot to me and last i look at the stars and wonder if u feel the same way i do about u the stars tell me there a million things out there but your the only one that cares and want me
12 July 2005 @ 05:23 pm
Just a few min ago my dad took me outside to have a man to man talk with me well i wont say everythin but he pretty much said i was a bad person and i sucked at bein a man and shit like that. So i have decided on somethin just a second ago im moving out the country in one year and im changing my last name im goin to show this fuckin how bad of a man i am im goin to do somethin so fuckin great they will talk about about me forever i swear it now and if non of u believe in me then fuck u and i will prove u fuckers wrong too